Follow your bliss…

Thursday, 28 September, 2017

Core to the mission statement for my blog is the philosophy of Joseph Campbell and I wanted to share how this has reflected in my own life.

Over twenty years ago I started to work as a trainee for one of the magic circle law firms and I remember how I couldn’t withhold the excitement of being admitted to this exclusive world – beating the competition and working for one of  the best law firms in the world. And I really enjoyed what I did, but as the years passed, I realised that there was another side of me – the creative spark which I had always had from an early age, but which I had suppressed and which refused to stay quiet. In my spare time therefore I set up a business and learnt on the job how to do PR and Marketing and the passion for this slowly, but surely, took over the desire to be a lawyer.

As mentioned previously, am a huge fan of the work of Joseph Campbell and believe one of his key messages ‘Follow your bliss’ sums up succinctly what we all should be striving for and how we are doing a disservice not just to ourselves but to others if we don’t follow our bliss.

Now that doesn’t mean we just do what we like or what makes us happy on a frivolous level, but that instead we hone in to what our deepest desires and innate talents are and we follow this path, whether its in law, medicine, the arts or teaching. You do what makes your spirit soar and where you are adding the most back to others.

Sounds like a lofty ideal? But think about it those individuals who are not happy in what they do in their daily jobs and how their misery affects not just themselves but the others around them. And then think of those who are pursuing their goals and the light that shines within them and onto others.


I might not have figured it all out yet, and am still on the journey to finding my own true bliss, but I will try, that I can promise you.

And part of this journey for me is to learn about others who have managed to do this, and so decided to dedicate a part of this blog to them, under my new Inspiring Individuals section. I hope you will enjoy hearing their stories and that they inspire you in a little way too to do the same.

Faithfully, lovingly and without compromise.

With love

Sangeeta x

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Hello to my new look blog!

Thursday, 31 August, 2017

I am thrilled to launch my new look blog which has been a long time in the making!


As mentioned, recent personal transitions have meant it was time for a re-brand and new direction and so am excited to welcome you to The White Diaries –  a lifestyle blog with a mission statement inspired by the mantra coined by the incredible philosopher Joseph Campbell. 

Life is like a blank white page and I strongly believe we create our own experiences and we can only find true happiness by following our bliss.

The White Diaries is essentially a journal documenting the amazing places I am lucky to experience and the inspiring people I meet in my day to day life. For over twenty years I have worked in the city of London, predominantly as a finance (bond) lawyer. I also set up a luxury wedding accessory label with my now ex-husband. And I now spend my days marketing the skills of incredibly talented lawyers in a city law firm.

I hope The White Diaries provides inspiration and ideas of how to make each moment truly count, and that you find the Inspiring Individuals within the blog, who I will be featuring, as fascinating as I do, and that they motivate you to keep what you are passionate about at the core of what you do!  

If you would like to get in touch with me you can email me at

With love
Sangeeta x

Note:  I remember been inspired many years ago by Conde Nast Traveler’s Mission Statement that it does not accept  free or discounted trips and accommodations or even payment in exchange for editorial coverage. And so when I decided to launch my lifestyle blog I wanted to ensure that I brought the same ethic to the articles I wrote. The majority of the places I feature (hotels, restaurants etc.) have been paid for in the same way as you would without any special treatment or recognition. I hope this allows me report fairly on what I have experienced and provide inspiration and experiences that are affordable.

In some instances, I will write about places I have been invited to as part of a showcase or open evening, and where I do I will make full disclosure. The purpose of this blog is not to generate an income and so I won’t be  accepting sponsorships or paid adverts.

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A very personal post…

Friday, 14 April, 2017

As some of you have noticed, my blogging and social media activity has been sporadic over the last few years. Shortly after celebrating ten fabulous years of setting up and running accessory business Olivier Laudus with my now ex-husband, we decided to separate and the last few years have been all about the messy business of divorcing both personally and professionally as well as rebuilding our lives.

Even when on the surface a separation is amicable, it has still been one of the saddest and unsettling periods of my life, and particularly frightening being in my forties!

And having to walk away from a business I had co-founded, loved and nurtured like a child, has been heart-wrenching.

So what’s next…

Enjoying every day and appreciating the gifts life has to offer, while pursuing my passion for business development and marketing, and growing this blog, which is going to become a Luxury Lifestyle Blog and shortly be having a  fantastic makeover – watch this space!

I hope to stay in touch with the amazing people I have met whilst working in the wedding industry, and look forward to showcasing lots of you wonderfully talented people in the wedding section in my new-look new blog! As well as featuring some of the fabulous new places and people I get to meet in my daily life and new job.

And last but not least, I wish my ex-husband Olivier all the very best for the future and much success for the business.

We received the Decree Absolute, the legal document that ends our marriage, this week, fairly poignant as its just a week before what would have been our 15th wedding anniversary, but also in a way perfectly timed to receive it during Easter,  a time for hope, renewal and rebirth.

Here’s to a bright future and new chapter …


much love

Sangeeta x



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Relocating ….

Wednesday, 16 September, 2015

I am so sad to announce that our sparkly London boutique will have to relocate at the end of the month due to the salon in which we are housed closing down. Starting as an online business in 2004, one of my ambitions for the company was to have a bricks and mortar presence so it was with great excitement when we opened a pop up in the basement of Jordan Burr hair salon in 2011.

Olivier Laudus Studio


We were thrilled with the response of our clients who welcomed the opportunity to touch and try their accessories before they bought and before long we were running out of space and decided to set up a permanent space within the salon. And so we launched our gorgeous boutique last April with a dedicated space for veils.

JN studio sofa

Jn studio veils 3

We am sure that the next stage of the business will be just as exciting as the previous ten years and will announce where we will be based very soon. And of course its business as usual for our online boutique.

But for now do come see us before the end of September and enjoy a 20% off all pieces in the shop, and wave us goodbye…

Sangeeta x

Ps For appointments before end of September, call 020 8374 1239 or email The online boutique and more information can be found at:

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One year on …

Saturday, 13 June, 2015

We were delighted to open our wedding accessory boutique last May and as we celebrate our first anniversary we thought we would share the Olivier Laudus consultation experience with you. Appointments are not always necessary, but recommended especially during the busy summer months, and we have found brides enjoy the personal attention and time to try on different pieces under Olivier’s guidance.

JN studio veil area

We were thrilled when one of our brides to be Michaela agreed to let us photograph her during a style consultation at the shop and even more thrilled when one of our favourite photographers John Nassari offered to take some pictures of her visit and of our new look boutique.

JN studio sign

When a bride arrives for her consultation, we normally ask her for a picture of her dress and try to get an idea of  the type of wedding she is having to help find the right style of accessories for her.

JN studio consultation

Some brides have something very specific in mind or just need the perfect wedding headband or necklace to finish off their look, while others haven’t started accessory shopping and use the visit to try on a variety of pieces. Our main drive for opening the new boutique was to be able to offer a range of accessories to our clients.

JN studio earrings

Our veils are made in Wales and and we offer both off the peg and bespoke options. We are huge fans of the cathedral veil and it has definitely come back into fashion but part of the consultation process is to help the bride decide which veil will work best with her dress and the type of venue.

JN studio tiara

Jn studio veils 3

And course let’s not forget the shoes.

Jn studio shoes

We hope our brides enjoy their visit to our boutique as much as we love to welcome them and help them find the perfect accessories for their big day. If you would like to book an appointment you can email us at or call on 020 8374 1239. Further information on the website.

Sangeeta x

Credits :

Photography by John Nassari

Flowers by Blue Sky Flowers

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