Follow your bliss…

Core to the mission statement for my blog is the philosophy of Joseph Campbell and I wanted to share how this has reflected in my own life.

Over twenty years ago I started to work as a trainee for one of the magic circle law firms and I remember how I couldn’t withhold the excitement of being admitted to this exclusive world – beating the competition and working for one of  the best law firms in the world. And I really enjoyed what I did, but as the years passed, I realised that there was another side of me – the creative spark which I had always had from an early age, but which I had suppressed and which refused to stay quiet. In my spare time therefore I set up a business and learnt on the job how to do PR and Marketing and the passion for this slowly, but surely, took over the desire to be a lawyer.

As mentioned previously, am a huge fan of the work of Joseph Campbell and believe one of his key messages ‘Follow your bliss’ sums up succinctly what we all should be striving for and how we are doing a disservice not just to ourselves but to others if we don’t follow our bliss.

Now that doesn’t mean we just do what we like or what makes us happy on a frivolous level, but that instead we hone in to what our deepest desires and innate talents are and we follow this path, whether its in law, medicine, the arts or teaching. You do what makes your spirit soar and where you are adding the most back to others.

Sounds like a lofty ideal? But think about it those individuals who are not happy in what they do in their daily jobs and how their misery affects not just themselves but the others around them. And then think of those who are pursuing their goals and the light that shines within them and onto others.


I might not have figured it all out yet, and am still on the journey to finding my own true bliss, but I will try, that I can promise you.

And part of this journey for me is to learn about others who have managed to do this, and so decided to dedicate a part of this blog to them, under my new Inspiring Individuals section. I hope you will enjoy hearing their stories and that they inspire you in a little way too to do the same.

Faithfully, lovingly and without compromise.

With love

Sangeeta x

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