Why The White Diaries?

Follow your bliss’  – Joseph Campbell 

Life is like a blank white page and I strongly believe we create our own experiences and adventure and we can only find true happiness by following our bliss, the mantra coined by the incredible philosopher Joseph Campbell. 

The White Diaries is essentially a journal documenting the amazing places I am lucky to experience and the inspiring people I meet in my day to day life. For over twenty years I have worked in the city of London, predominantly as a finance lawyer. I also set up a luxury wedding accessory label with my now ex-husband. And I now spend my days marketing  the skills of incredibly talented lawyers in a city law firm.

I hope The White Diaries provides inspiration and ideas of how to make each moment truly count and reinforces the idea that life can be beautiful. I have had more than my fair share of pain and heartache, however through my writing and this blog, and focusing on the beauty there is in the world, I hope to have found a little salvation.

If you would like to get in touch with me you can email at hello@thewhitediaries.com

With love
Sangeeta x

Note:  I remember been inspired many years ago by Conde Nast Traveler’s Mission Statement that it does not accept  free or discounted trips and accommodations or even payment in exchange for editorial coverage. And so when I decided to launch my lifestyle blog I wanted to ensure that I brought the same ethic to the articles I wrote. The majority of the places I feature (hotels, restaurants etc.) have been paid for by me in same way as you would without any special treatment or recognition. I hope this allows me report fairly on what I have experienced and provide inspiration and experiences that are affordable. In some instances, I will write about places I have been invited to as part of a showcase or open evening, and where I do I will make full disclosure. Also to note I am not trying to generate an income from this blog and so I won’t be  accepting sponsorships or paid adverts.

The White Diaries