Newsflash: Exclusive new work by Royal Artist Darren Baker

Later this month (22nd – 31st March 2018), the fabulous 508 Kings Road Art Gallery in Chelsea London presents an exclusive exhibition of the work of Darren Baker, one of the UK’s most collectable artists. In 2011 Darren was commissioned to paint HM The Queen, the painting was unveiled by Princess Anne at Westminster Abbey and since then his reputation has continued to grow and he has painted Prime Ministers as well as numerous members of the sporting elite including; Lewis Hamilton, Steven Gerrard and Amir Khan.

The new collection is a showcase of his critically acclaimed painting style and the work produced since his call to fame consisting figurative work, portraiture, still life, interiors, cityscapes and animal portraiture. He is acknowledged as one of the leading painters of the classical realism genre, his style displays the influences of both the Dutch Masters and the contemporary realist school. The authenticity of his figures causes a momentary confusion in the viewer as each nuance is conveyed with such accuracy and truth that we find ourselves questioning whether we are looking at a beautiful photograph or an extraordinary painting.

Darren is exceedingly talented but remains modest and incredibly down to earth. He is a real talent in the art world and I can only imagine that his work will increase in significant value as the years go by.For more information check out 508 Kings Road or Darren Baker.

With love

Sangeeta x



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