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Monday, 4 September, 2017

Groucho Marx famously wrote in a letter …..

I Don’t Want to Belong to Any Club That Will Accept Me as a Member

I don’t think the newly opened Curtain Club in Shoreditch, East London will have the same problem. To be honest I think it will be the reverse. As the hottest new opening in the area, it is set to rival Shoreditch House and give the eclectic local residents and workers a fabulous new space to work and play in.

Having walked past the building works on my way to the offices every day over the last year, I was intrigued to see the inside of the Curtain Club and so was delighted when it finally opened and I was offered the chance to go in and have a snoop!

The wow factor clearly comes from the rooftop restaurant and bar, The Lido, set in front of a year-round heated swimming pool and sun loungers, but all the spaces have been carefully and beautifully curated, and will transport you away from the, at times, gritty city surroundings.

Interestingly, it was the area that attracted New York hotelier Michael Achenbaum (of the acclaimed Gansvoort brand) to build his club in this area. As he says : “We spent almost 10 years seeking locations throughout London, with the last 7 years specifically focused on the emerging East London area. It’s in our DNA to create hotels in neighbourhoods that are not only ahead of the curve but also in areas that are growing. The Curtain is that vision come to life in Europe.” 

In addition to The Lido, members have access to private club club spaces and bars as well as a 24 hr gym, spa and live performance space.

And foodies, both club members and the general public, can enjoy the delights of Marcus Samuelson’s iconic Red Rooster restaurant, bringing its Harlem cool to London, as well as an all-day taqueria and bar, La Tienda, which are both also on site.

Finally, the Club also offers 120 guest rooms, including five suites, but more on that next time!

Check their website for more information about the club and about applying for membership.

With love

Sangeeta x

Note : I was kindly offered to have a tour of the spaces and lunch with a friend by the Curtain Club. I am still trying to craft the perfect application form to see if they will accept me as a member 😉 x

Image credits (except pictures 3, 6 & 7 : Adrian Houston)


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A very special champagne …

Tuesday, 3 June, 2014

I think we would all agree that celebrations and champagne are pretty much synonymous and the first toast to a newly married couple is done with a glass of bubbly, so why not make sure it is a very special one.

I first discovered SANGER champagne on Twitter when I spotted a photo of a bottle and took a second look – a champagne with a name so similar to my own – it caught my attention straight away! But it was only when I was kindly invited to a tasting by the brand ambassador Jerome Poussin that I learnt that it was actually a very good champagne with a fantastic heritage.

Sanger champagne with JP

SANGER Champagne is produced by Academy Viticampus in Avize, France, and is the wine making school for champagne. Viticampus first opened its doors to students in 1927, following a donation made by the widow of a local champagne merchant, Louise Eugénie Puisart, who bequeathed houses, wine presses, gardens and 400 000 francs before her death with one request to create a wine-growing school.

And 87 years later, the school has gone from strength to strength. The grapes which are used to make SANGER champagne are actually provided by former students who represent almost all the different champagne areas of wine making, from more than 40 villages, which constitutes an extraordinary oenological wealth. And the profit earned from sales of the champagne go back to the school. For more information, visit the website

Sanger Nicolas Robert et les élèves d'Avize Viti Campus

SANGER is with its rich heritage is unsurprisingly a very good champagne and available in nine cuvees each with its own distinct flavour. My personal favourite is the Cuvee Tango Paradoxe – a truly delightful rose!

Sanger Bt Collection

And on a poetic note, the name of the champagne which literally means “without war” (sans guerre) derives from its history – the school was more or less at a standstill during the world wars as most of the men (i.e. wine makers) were at war fighting. So the name goes – to make champagne without making war…

Sanger champagne tasting

I am delighted to have discovered this gem of a champagne and it certainly makes drinking it even more enjoyable knowing that you are helping continue the legacy of champagne growers and wine makers for a very long time.

You can buy SANGER champagne from various retailers including The Champagne Collection.


(To your very best health!)

Sangeeta x

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